Investment Accounts

At Coastal Community And Teachers Credit Union, we're dedicated to helping our members turn their dreams into realities. Our vision is to provide you with high-quality financial services to allow you to plan for your future.

Prime Investment Account

Looking for a way to earn higher dividends but still have access to your money? Then our PIA (money market account) is the right move for you. This account offers a tier based rate. The higher the balance, the higher the dividend.

Certificates of Deposit

We offer a variety of CD options to accommodate your needs. With fixed rates, flexible terms and a minimum investment of only $1000, it’s a safe way to invest your hard earned mone



IRAs offer the opportunity to grow your money tax deferred for retirement. You don't pay on your contributions or earnings until you take them out. If you're changing jobs and need to move your qualified retirement plan, consider rolling it into an IRA. By planning for your future today, you can assure yourself a secure income for your tomorrow.

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