Debit Card

It's the convenience of cash without the bulky wallet. Use your CCATCU MasterCard Debit Card for your everyday purchases and earn reward points redeemable online for merchandise, gift cards, travel rewards plus enjoy the perks of...

  • Customizeable PIN
  • 24/7 Fraud Monitoring Protection
  • Prewards Electronic Card Coupons (enrollment required)
  • Optional Courtesy Pay up to $500
  • EMV Chip-Enhancement
  • NOW AVAILABLE - Instant Issue for re-issued or duplicate cards (available in-branch only and takes 24 hours for activation)*

*Some restrictions apply.

Instant Issue Debit Cards

In today’s world, you expect immediate solutions. We do, too. That’s why we now offer Instant Issue Debit Cards at all of our branch locations. Just walk in, and walk out minutes later with a new debit card in hand! No more waiting to receive a card in the mail - no more inconvenience of having to carry cash or checks until your replacement card is received. Fast, easy and convenient - the way it should be!  Not available on new accounts.  Requires 24 hours for activation. 

Manage My Rewards

Take Control of Your Debit Card with the MobiMoney App

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Safety Tips

  • CCATCU does not give marketing companies 'member lists' to contact our members.  If a company contacts you and asks whether you have a card with CCATCU, you should be very cautious and aware that it may be a scam.
  • Never give your card number to verify any data.
  • There are several 'Credit Card Protection Companies' contacting members regarding credit card insurance.  As a consumer, it is up to you to determine if you would like to participate in these programs.  CCATCU does not endorse or recommend any particular vendor in regards to credit card protection.
  • Sign your card as soon as you receive it.
  • Never write your PIN on your car or keep the PIN and card together.
  • Treat your card as you would cash.  Don't leave them unattended.
  • Never give your account number over the phone unless you initiate the call.
  • Know the approximate delivery date of your card statements and check it, especially after a trip, for transactions that you did not authorize.
  • Keep records of all card account numbers, expiration dates, lines of credit and phone numbers in a secure location.
  • Never dispose of card receipts or statements without shredding, tearing or blacking out account numbers.
  • Close all unused card accounts and cut unwanted cards into several pieces before disposing of them.
  • Limit the number of cards you carry with you and keep all others in a secure location.
  • When using your card for internet purchases, be sure the merchant has proper securitity measures in place.  If unsure, call them instead.


For questions or problems regarding your CCATCU Debit Card, contact us during normal business hours. To report a lost or stolen card after hours, call 800/528-2273.