Credit Score Analysis

What Can I Do to Raise My Credit Score

There are lots of little things that affect your score and a low score could mean higher rates for you. We can help! As your financial solutions partner, CCATCU will look for ways to RAISE your credit score, LOWER your monthly payments and ELIMINATE high interest rate credit card balances so you can start getting the interest rates you deserve! Schedule an appointment today to have one of our CSA experts review your credit report with you. No credit, no problem. We can help you establish credit too!

What Is a Credit Score

Your credit score is a three digit numerical value that's based on information gathered on you by credit bureaus. It represents your creditworthiness and is used by lenders to determine your interest rate. It can also be a determining factor in whether or not you're approved.

What Is a Good Credit Score

When it comes to borrowing money, a good credit score is what we all aspire to. A credit score ranges between 301-850. Every lender has their own structure set forth to determine what is considered a 'good' credit score. Over 720 is typically considered good and below 600 is considered bad.

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